As the name suggests, the town of Yverdon, at the foot of Lake Neuchâtel, has a history as a spa town. We haven’t dabbled, but it’s a nice town for a short wander around the historic village and the waterfront. 

We rode our bikes from Lausanne on the Mitteland Route – a scenic and rather difficult trail. Definitely choose to ride towards Lausanne, an easier route. **Auberge de la Croix Blanche in Lussery-Villars is a good lunch break at the midway point, serving meat on stone and regional options (also very close to Tine de Conflens).

Also in Yverdon is the *Maison d’Ailleurs pop culture museum, with large Jules Verne collection. A very minor experience, the library is small and interesting, everything else is about gaming. 

Near the lake, next to the sports complex, is a Menhir site of ancient origin.


The **Gorges de Orbe is a long, moderately challenging, and generally scenic hike. We did the Orbe > Les Clees section, about 9 miles round trip. During the warmer months, you can do the entire Orbe>Vallorbe section one way, with a bus ride back to your starting side. Popular for swimming in the areas closer to Vallorbe (waterfalls). Watch for beavers and chamois. **Les Clees is a cute little town with a restaurant and medieval church + castle keep.

On the outskirts of town, there’s a remarkable collection of Roman Mosaics at **Mosaïques romaines d’Urba. It’s a pretty low key affair – you’re likely to be the only person there. Wander the fields and imagine what it was like to live in a palace 1800 years ago.


***The Romainmôtier Priory is a former Cluniac priory in the foothills of the Jura. The current buildings date to the tenth century, modeled on Cluny Abbey. The original church dates back to roughly 450 AD; the buildings we see today were built at the end of the 10th century and amended multiple times after, with the last modifications around 1445. It’s considered one of the most important examples of Cluniac Romanesque art in Switzerland

It’s a lovely town, quite small, big with hikers. The abbey itself is beautiful, worth a detour to see the interior. 

We had a fine, unremarkable lunch across from the Priory at **La Clef d’Or. There’s also an unassuming Brewery on the central street for a break, Brasserie Brasse-Mortier.

A short 30 minute, mostly flat walk away is the **Cascade du Dard – a waterfall and popular swimming hole. I prefer the nearby Tine de Conflens for swimming, but for a hike it’s a pleasant destination.

Tine de Conflens 

For a more outdoor experience, pair the Grottes de Vallorbe, or Romainmôtier Priory with the excellent ***Tine de Conflens. Waterfalls, swimming pools, caves to swim through. All within a 10 minute reasonably easy hike. This would be best in summer on a weekday, can be crowded on weekends.

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