Our Winslow destination, ***La Posada, is really out of the way! The town of Winslow is pretty grim, but the hotel is an oasis and really worth trekking to see. The restaurant and food are great! Designed by architect Mary Elizabeth Jane Colter, this is one of the original US “destination hotels,” built in 1882.

In the vicinity is a fun stretch of the historic Route 66, more Colter sites, and the Petrified Forest National Park.

We saw –

  • **Jack Rabbitt Trading Post: historic route 66 destination. Not that interesting, but if you’re driving past why not stop?
  • Wigwam Motel ( – worth a quick drive by. On a time capsule of a block, historic route 66.
  • **Petrified Forest National Park: it’s worth a quick stop at the Painted Desert Inn, right off the road and a lovely picture spot (and interesting to tour the building). If you’ve been to a petrified forest, skip the park entirely. It’s pretty, but not worth the time if your itinerary is ambitious.
  • *El Rancho Hotel in Gallup: worth a stop (a National Historic Landmark), not necessarily a night. Billed as “a storied hotel where cowboy cool hosted Tinseltown glamor. For countless moviemakers Hotel El Rancho became their western home base and playground.” Restaurant is very mediocre. Hotel is interesting but not well maintained. Gallup itself is pretty tired.

We didn’t have time for Rock Art Ranch, or the organization to be there at a specific time, but it looks interesting!