Verona would be a lovely 1-2 day stay. It’s busy and cheerful. Definitely stay in the old town. While you could get through the major sites in a single day, the pace is slow here and I enjoyed wandering the streets. 

On my first trip – 2005, I saw 8 churches (my favorite being the one devoted to San Zeno, which was originally constructed around 806 A.D.), the Colosseum, and Juliet’s house (unremarkable), several roman ruins, a small museum, the view from the top of the Austrian military barracks, several bicycle shops (I spent most of the day with two nice young men from a town near Shasta who plan to bike from Verona to Rome, if they can find bikes), and a few other things. Verona isn’t so much about the things in it as about the town itself – it’s friendly, full of beautiful, old buildings, and quite atmospheric. 

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