One of the last valleys in Valais, this area features highly vertical terrain, winding roads, and a variety of year-round athletic activities. French speaking. ***Saint-Luc is a favorite on our ski list; *Grimentz/Zinal less so.

If you visit for the drive itself, Vissoie is a good turn-around point.


We liked **Chandolin Boutique Hotel. Very friendly staff, good spa, excellent food, cozy and recently redone rooms. An excellent get away.


  • ***The Bella-Tola Hotel is wonderful. On the list of historic hotels of Switzerland, it gets everything just right: classic details with modern touches, good food, small but well-appointed spa and pool area, very well-trained and friendly staff. It’s quite high-end, relative to the other historic hotels we’ve stayed in. They have several other smaller buildings scattered throughout town that you can rent, as well as the larger Grand Chalet Favre. There are three restaurants of sorts (sharing adjacent spaces) – the fine dining section at the Bella-Tola, the Swiss more casual menu at Bella-Tola, and the same Swiss menu in the dining room at Grand Chalet Favre (so no major reason to go there, unless you want a change of scenery). 
  • ***Hotel Weisshorn: opened in 1883, the Weisshorn is one of the great original Alpine hotels, 2,337 meters up on the shoulder of the Val d’Anniviers. A fun overnight from Saint-Luc, no road access, accessible via the ski resort. Quite old/funky/charming. Shared bathrooms. It also makes for a great winter hike to lunch (about 2 hours each way from the Saint-Luc gondola.
  • **Le Prilet is a casual hotel/hostel with a very nice little restaurant inside. Great for lunch on a ski day, very good burgers.


We didn’t love the look of Grimentz itself. Zinal is a more attractive, lower-key option up the valley. **Restaurant la Ferme de Zinal was very good. Diverse menu (within the Swiss spectrum), nice indoor and outdoor spaces, friendly staff.

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