Famous for gothic churches, 16th century courtyards, stained glass, knitwear, and sausage. It’s quite cute, a nice town to wander in. There are many museums, would be easy to fill a day.

  • We had lunch at *Aux Crieurs de Vin. It gets great press, has an excellent selection of wine, and is very hipster/cute. Unfortunately, the food is overly ambitious – our dishes were alternately tasteless and just odd. 
  • Future options that looked cute for dining: Le Polipo, L’Illustré, Pierre & Clement

There are many, many churches. We walked by quite a few, and toured most. Cathédrale Saint-Pierre Saint-Paul stands out for stained glass. Église Saint-Pantaléon was notable for its wooden ceiling.

**Maison de l’Outil is a renaissance mansion from 1550 and one of Troyes’ loveliest sights. It houses the largest tool museum in the world; in 65 cabinets there are 11,000 objects in all. A lot of care has gone into the arrangements and audio descriptions.


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