We spent our last day in Tivoli, about 40 minutes east of Rome. It’s packed with tourists, but not quite at Rome levels, and is pretty easy to get in and out of. The town is very old, rather grimy, in a spectacular setting, complete with waterfalls and gorges. This is a popular Rome day trip and definitely worth it.

  • **Villa d’Este: Started by architect and historian, Pirro Liggori in 1549, for Cardinal Ippolito dEste, this famous villa estate is one of the finest examples of Renaissance residence and garden architecture and design. It’s a gorgeous garden, funded with “appropriated” holdings the Cardinal finagled.
  • **Ristorante Sibilla, Via della Sibilla, 50, 00019 Tivoli RM, Italy. With tables set out by two ancient Roman temples and water cascading down the green river gorge below, this historic restaurant sets a romantic stage for seasonally driven food and superlative wine. This is definitely a tourist trap, but a good one and well worth it.

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