**The Atlantic Road in general was lovely, but claims of being the “most beautiful road in the world” are a bit extreme. It’s pretty, we enjoyed it. It has a vaguely Hawaii flair, steep mountains, water, very green. We went from near Karvag to Bud. The road is a visual delight as it curves elegantly from islet to islet over its seven bridges. The natural surroundings and feats of modern engineering combine to create a unique driving experience. The trip takes you from the fertile cultural landscape of the coast across moorland to bare crags along the weather-beaten, open bay of Hustadvika. The islanders on Averøy worked hard to put a road in place but it was not until 1983 that work commenced. Working conditions were very demanding and the construction workers experienced a total of twelve hurricanes during the six-year-long construction period. The road was opened in 1989, and in 2005 it was chosen as the Norwegian construction of the century.

We ate at Bjartmars Favorittkro, outside of Karvag, which was good and cute, on the water.

**Bud, at the southern end is a fishing village which in the 16th and 17th centuries was the most important trading centre between Bergen and Trondheim. Pretty, but kind of a drive through experience. I wouldn’t stay there.

Dragen Smokehouse: just outside of Bud, a small affair, but with plans to get bigger. Amazing fish, very friendly owner. The fish can survive without a fridge for a few days.

The Bud Museum: we didn’t go inside, but it’s a nice vista point and surrounded by German bunkers.

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