On my list for a return visit. I remember it as very beautiful, very hot, very slow (starting late, up late), welcoming even on a student budget. 


  • **Alcazar: 10th century Moorish palace. The interior decorations (mostly tile and wood) are beautiful. There are no furnishings and it’s a bit hard to imagine how the place looked when still occupied. My favorite part of the Alcazar was the garden – probably the best I’ve seen in Europe. Plan to eat lunch there (bring a picnic).
  • **Basilica de la Macarena: definitely worth seeing. I missed the attached museum, but the church itself is covered in silver and gold decorations. There are two beautifully carved statues of Mary, and one of Jesus, all exquisitely dressed.
  • **Museo de Bellas Artes de Sevilla: decent collection (lots of work by Murtillo) in a stunning setting – a former convent. I didn’t love the art, but still a very pleasant place to visit.


  • I really liked Barrio Santa Cruz (though disclaimer, circa 2007) – a small, festive, lovely place to get lost. Packed with people on a summer evening in the casual cafes.
  • **Restaurante Modesto (Cano y Cueto 5) appears to still be in business – at the time it seemed a bit expensive, popular with a local crowd, great location.

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