Schwyz is easily accessible if you’re visiting Zug or Lake Luzern. It’s pretty and fairly rural, a hiking & skiing destination.

**Panorama Resort & Spa in Feusisberg: On a pretty hillside overlooking the southern end of the Zurichsee, this is a fairly corporate hotel with a very nice view. It’s a good place for company events; not particularly designed for holiday stays.

The **Stoosbahn is the steepest funicular in the world. It is very steep, 8 minutes long, worth doing if you’re in the area. The small resort town (Stoos) is a launching point for hiking and skiing.

The **Klingenstock – Fronalpstock hike is one of the more impressive Swiss trails from Stoos – along a ridge line with jaw-dropping views. It’s not incredibly long – about 5 km, 2 hours, but it’s a good workout, almost entirely up or down – 115 flights of stairs equivalent, according to my phone. You start and end via a chair lift. The Fronalpstock side has a restaurant, cafeteria, large playground, and occasionally a goat petting zoo, and would be a good, less active choice for families. Bring money, as the chairlifts are not free (31 CHF as of July 2023).   

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