I really liked the roads from Saumur to Usse – lots of wineries, chateaus, and lovely views. This would be excellent biking territory.


**Fontevraud Royal Abbey is huge, and houses the tombs of King Richard the Lionheart and Queen Eleanor of Aquitaine. Interesting for the state and quality of the renovations (so much work!) and the history of the prisons on site. The town surrounding is pretty sleepy and the dining options not great.


We did the Bicycle Wine Tasting at **BOUVET LADUBAY. It’s not great bubbly, but the experience was charming. Definitely do the bikes to see the caves.


**Château d’Ussé: less crowded than the big sites, and still quite grand. Charmingly hokey, with a heavy use of mannequins to fill the rooms.

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