Ronda is a tiny hill town in southern Spain, famed for its bull ring, gorge-spanning bridge, and 13th century walls. Orson Welles and Ernest Hemingway both frequented it (A Death in the Afternoon is based on experiences Hemingway had there). 

This quote from Hemingway sums up the experience well: 

‘There is a place in Spain that is the ideal spot to watch a bullfight for the first time…I am referring to the town of Ronda…the perfect place to visit with a girlfriend or to spend a honeymoon.’

​It is quite romantic: a perfect place to wander and feel like you´re really Spanish. We had lunch in the garden of a moorish palace (the **Palacio de Mondragon), walked along the top of the wall on the north end of town, and hiked down into a ravine to view an incredibly dramatic bridge. We both sweated buckets on the trail (which is paved and not really all that long, but it’s in full sun and the weather was about 90 degrees). The path was created around 1200 for slaves to bring water up to the town – I can’t imagine how grueling that experience was in August. 

We did stop in at the **Plaza de Toros de Ronda and loved it: one of the oldest, most beautiful bullrings in Spain. Surprisingly small.

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