**Reichenau Island was declared a World Heritage Site in 2000 because of its monastery, the Abbey of Reichenau. The abbey’s Münster is dedicated to the Virgin and Saint Mark. Two further churches were built on the island consecrated to St Georg, and to Sts Peter and Paul. The famous artworks of Reichenau include the Ottonian murals of miracles of Christ in St Georg, unique survivals from the 10th century. The abbey’s bailiff was housed in a two-storey stone building that was raised by two more storeys of timber framing in the 14th century, one of the oldest timber-frame buildings in south Germany.

This was a pleasant diversion, more for the vegetable gardens than the monastery (which is well preserved, but not worth going way out of your way for). I’d spend the night at an agro-tourismo style place if you’re into gardens, otherwise skip.

We did have an excellent lunch at **Restaurant Mohren – outdoor seating on the main square, part of a fancy hotel. Everything was sourced locally (on the island). Wonderful trout.

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