Raron has existed for at least 1100 years, and features a striking hilltop church/castle with very explicit murals – the Unesco designated ***Felsenkirche. The views are excellent, and the poet Rilke is buried in the attached graveyard.

The town up close is packed with historic architecture and some very impressive renovations. We had an excellent lunch at the family run **Schmitta.

Bisse Hike #15, the ***Manera – Stägäru – Lüegjeru route, was a winner. Great views, paths through vineyards, lots of Bisse action, hanging bridges, walks through caves. Not particularly easy with a lot of steep uphill. One-way is very convenient (between Ausserberg and Hohtenn train stops) if you manage your timing. You’ll pass the ***Lauber restaurant in St. German along the way. Very good, high end dining in a 1980s style environment. Service is formal, worth a detour to visit.

On the freeway next to the Raron exit, **Rothis Western City is a fairly cringe-worthy “western roadhouse saloon.” It’s not bad, relatively authentic burger menu.

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