***Postojna Cave and **Predjama Castle were both quite worthwhile (they’re 10 minutes apart, take the time for both). We took a day trip from Ljubljana, which I’d recommend – it took all planning and stress out of the experience.

The caves are truly huge – the largest tourable in Europe – and accessed by a small train that takes you 2 km into the mountain (fun!). It’s creatively lit, you explore 1.5 km on foot, and despite the crowds it’s a fairly immersive and intimate experience. About 90 minutes to tour. Our guide did mention that there are around 1000 people/hour in the summer, so consider an off-season visit.

Predjama Castle, of Game of Thrones and Witcher fame, looks quite miserable (in an evocative way) – so wet! So cold! The castle is over 800 years old, expanded over centuries within a large cave. The audio guide gives you a good sense of the experience of living there. It’s an impressive structure and very photogenic from the exterior. Bonus points for having a cute onsite cat.