Somewhat to my surprise, this town is a whole lot of fun. Very touristy, but in a celebratory way. Kind of like Cabo San Lucas. Very loud, one big party at night. The beach is stunning and makes for great swimming and cliff diving. Rent a paddleboat! Seriously! A great way to swim and see the city. One night is enough.

Hotel: **Covo dei Saraceni. Very nice, excellent breakfast. They have multiple buildings – try to stay in the main hotel, not the outbuildings.

Restaurant: **Grotta Palazzese, Via Narcisco, 59. Over 400 years old, and utterly beautiful. In a cave, quite fancy, can’t get in without a reservation. You pay dearly for the experience ($150-200/head), and the food is pretty poor (wedding type food), but it’s worth doing once.

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