We drove through Parco Nazionale del Gargano to Peschici. This isn’t a great road – the miles and miles of olive trees are pretty, but I wouldn’t make the drive a major priority. Leaving the tip of the Gargano peninsula, the roads get way better (particularly if you take the inland route through the park). Vaguely Oregon-ish in terms of flora and fauna. Pleasant, but not really worth it in and of itself.

Monte Sant’Angelo

About an hour to the south of Peschici is ***Monte Sant’Angelo, which the archangel Michael is said to have visited on a few occasions over the last 1,500 years. The Sanctuary of St. Michael, with a bell tower dating from the 13th century, was designated part of a Unesco World Heritage site in 2011. Considered by Catholics to be one of the 4 most important sites in the world.

Note: this is SO COOL! There’s a castle, and the main church is incredible. The town is lovely and way up on the mountain, hovering above the sea. Amazing views. I absolutely wouldn’t miss this. It’s very crowded during the day, but likely calm and lovely at night.


Peschici itself is not awesome. Crowded low-rent beach town packed with nightclubs, dirt beaches packed with chairs and umbrellas, very European managed beach experience. I didn’t love it.

Stay at ***Masseria La Chiusa Delle More Peschici. Strada Statale 89 Garganica, 71010 Peschici FG, Italia, This was a little oasis in the middle of the chaos. Situated in an ancient olive grove, it’s very calm, but still close to the action. Very friendly staff, excellent food (best breakfast of the trip). The bedrooms are a little sterile, but the restaurant is lovely.

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