One of the most visited places in France, the Mont Saint-Michel welcomes approximately 2.5 million guests a year. We felt very lucky to visit in late November – the weather was perfect, it was nearly empty, and all of the hotels nearby were closed.

Mont Saint-Michel is really quite stunning – it’s worthwhile to skip the bus and take the long walk from the parking area up to it, appeciating the shifting light and waves. The parking area is a flat, 35-minute walk away. Inside the island is relatively uninteresting (we got more out of the podcast we listened to about the history), but don’t let that stop you – the walk was really worth it. 

We were very glad we chose to drive on a bit further after our visit – towards Saint-Malo there are wonderful hotels and food in a pristine coastal setting.


***Musée Christian Dior is worth a detour – it’s small, but very charming. We loved the dresses, and want to visit the other Dior museums (apparently, there are three!). The house is Dior’s childhood home.

We explored the town of Granville and had a very pleasant lunch at **La Contremarche in the old town. It’s an old spa/casino/beach town, yet feels not quite ready for tourism, very quiet, lacking in restaurants and hotel volume. Could be the season – but I would visit, not stay.

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