I’ve been to Maui once in recent memory, and several times as a child (much more blurry). It’s not my favorite island, more for people that like big resorts, calm and lovely beaches, less rugged scenery. Good for families. A good place to support, now more than ever!

On my last trip, I stayed at **Royal Lahaina Resort & Bungalows (via a Suntrips package, I think?). It was decent, clean and conveniently located. Nice beach right out front. Quite noisy at night.

Things to do – other than the beach

  • Drive to **Hana. Most of the road isn’t all that great – it gets especially beautiful after you pass Hana. We stopped at several spots, the most standout being the waterfall right before the 11 mile marker (watch for the signs to the overlook over Lower Puohokamoa Falls). Keep walking, and you’ll see the ocean as well. 
  • We continued from Hana to the Ohe’o Gulch (7 sacred pools), which was gushing water – no swimming for us. The trail that goes up above the pools – **Pipiwai Trail – is awesome and worth the uphill climb. Lots of waterfalls, a huge bamboo forest, and lots of swimming on calm days.
  • Just past this point, you’ll find Charles Lindbergh’s Grave – make a stop (past the 41 mile marker, small sign pointing to the Palapaia Ho’omau Church.\
  • Continue on – eventually you’ll find yourself back on the other side of the island.


  • Go whale watching. We took a two-hour sunset cocktail cruise. I was skeptical, but it was pretty wonderful, whales included (**Pacific Whale Foundation was the company).
  • If you’re in Maui at the right time of year, whales can seem to be everywhere (big plus!). One of the most consistent for us was the turnout between the 8 and 9 mile markers on Highway 30.

Beaches and Water Spots

  • **Big Beach was my favorite beach on Maui. Good snorkeling, big enough to not feel crowded, great sand. There’s a very crowded nude beach over the rocks to the right. You can also sometimes see whales here.
  • La Perouse Bay: it was choppy when we visited, but the snorkeling and whale watching is probably good on a clear day.
  • **Nakalele Blowhole: a ½ mile walk past the 38 mile marker. An easy walk, and an impressive sight.
  • **Olivine Pools: just before the 16 mile marker (which follows the 41 mile marker). Huge tidepools, and or one huge pool with waves crashing over it. Either way, it’s worth seeing. Bring sneakers.
  • **Napili Bay was another decent beach, though we found the beaches to the south better.

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