Lübeck was last a big name German city in the 16th century – and it’s all the better for it. It’s a gorgeous Hanseatic city concocted from red brick, like Wigan but built by the Brothers Grimm. We spent our stay there swooning over the medieval warehouses, merchants’ residences and Gothic churches – fastidiously reconstructed after a wartime bashing. Note: it’s very pretty, a bit collegiate (read: grimy), would be an excellent city for a guided walking tour.

  • You can visit the homes of former residents Thomas Mann and Günter Grass (we didn’t). 
  • Niederegger marzipan shop, where you can puzzle over the historical marzipan tableaux in the bizarre upstairs museum and try esoteric flavours such as plum and pineapple. (very cute, great walking town)
  • **Europäisches Hansemuseum: New and very “modern” museum concept. Definitely for adults – lots of reading. Interesting and worth visiting if you’re in the area.
  • **Schiffergesellschaft (Restaurant): Very historic building. Food is average and this is definitely for tourists, but I’d to it anyway for the awesome setting.

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