Explore the Lavaux Vineyard Terraces, a UNESCO World Heritage site, where you can enjoy stunning views of the Alps and Lac Léman while sipping fine Swiss wine. Consider stopping by our house at Domaine Wannaz! The current vineyard terraces date from the 11th century. This is where we live and you can spend a very lovely afternoon walking through the vineyards, talking to winemakers, perhaps stop at Le Deck for a cocktail. It’s hiking light though it goes for a long time and could fill a day.

Hiking Routes:

There are a variety of “Petit Train” options through the region if you’d prefer to skip the hiking  – and We enjoyed the one hour, fairly low key Lutry-Grandvaux loop.

Wining & Dining Options (Organized West to East):


  • *Chez Pitch: An expensive, disappointing meal with less than ideal service. Skip!


  • **Café de la Tour: A very local place, on the informal side, serving food all day. Popular with families. 
  • **Le Léman: In the center of the old town, we had a bumpy meal, but plan to return. There’s a normal Swiss menu, as well as a Peruvian menu. The ceviche was great, the empanadas were odd (not empanadas, to start, more like firm polenta), our server got our order wrong twice. Perhaps an off day.
  • *Les Foodies – Restaurant: high up on the hill. We’ll go back to evaluate the pizza, which I hear is good – unfortunately it’s not served on Fridays or Saturdays. Weekend meals are trying very hard to be fancy, didn’t quite hit the mark.
  • **Pizzeria La Barca: Good pizza and mix of other foods. Friendly waterfront setting with excellent view.
  • **Villa Malfi: a newish takeover of an older restaurant, Villa Malfi has a great setting (several rooms, nicely decorated, date-night vibe) and quite solid pizzas and Italian food. It’s festive and good for groups.


  • ***Domaine Alain Chollet has a very charming fondue offering – a well-organized picnic basket with all the fixings, including wine, served in a wine barrel on the vineyard grounds. Views are amazing.
  • **Le Guillaume Tell: The setting is fairly modest, lacking the sweeping views of the nearby options, but the food is excellent. Lunch menu is a good bargain for the quality.


  • ***Auberge de la Gare (in Grandvaux): Despite the name, this is a very nice little restaurant with a great view. Limited menu but well executed.
  • ? Relais de la Poste: the jury is out on this place. It’s popular with the locals, and has lovely views. Relatively expensive, and very under-staffed. 
  • ***Tout un Monde: Amazing views. Good food. Good for guests.


  • ***Auberge du Raisin: Very good. Heavy food and more of a fall/winter destination. Service is extremely good. Favorite dinner option for Cully.
  • Of the lunch options, **Le Bistrot de Cully is the best, with Cafe de la Poste a close second. Food is very good, menu has a range of options, friendly and efficient service.
  • **Café de la Poste à Cully: Fancier than appearances would indicate. Food is good, service can be slow.
  • **L’ Atelier Restaurant et Pizzeria: perfectly fine weeknight option, pizza and pasta. In a hotel, can have a lot of kids.
  • **Le Major Davel: Right on the waterfront, this is a high volume place that does a brisk local and tourist trade. Menu is very limited, about 5 options typically, but the food is decent and the people watching is fun. The hotel is pretty affordable (less than $200/night) and would be a good option to stay in.


Where we live! Right in the heart of the vineyards. Stop by Domaine Wannaz for organic wine tasting.


Only ten minutes from our house, but wildly different from a terrain perspective, is the cosy and family run **La Tour de Gourze. It’s straight up the hill – 22% grade at some points – and has a crazy view over the lake. The menu is strictly Swiss – fondue, rosti, salad. 

In Riex proper, **Cafe de Riex has excellent food in a restrained indoor setting. Staff are top notch.


***Auberge du Vigneron: A good date night place. Pricy for a casual night out. Very private terrace overlooking the lake and vineyards, great friendly service.

**Les 11 Terres is a cute place for wine tasting with more consistent hours than most.

***Au Clos de la Republique: a serious (multi-hour) wine tasting experience with a lovely patio overlooking the lake. Open M-F and Saturday mornings. Said to be the oldest family business in Switzerland – Patrick is the 13th generation of Fonjallaz vintners.


  • *Le Baron Tavernier (“Le Deck”):  Overpriced and not very tasty. I’d go here for a drink, but skip the meal. Excellent views. A lovely day hike from our house.
  • *Restaurant du Nord: Local place on the main drag. Nothing particularly special.


***Lavaux Vinorama: For wine tasting in a more California-style mode. Stocks most of the wine from the region (130 winemakers) and pleasant on a sunny day.


**Auberge de l’Onde: nothing really wrong with this, but it’s kind of a weird indoor French-classic place that fails to take advantage of the amazing setting.

***Café du Raisin: This is the kind of local spot that’s incredibly easy to miss. From the cafe area downstairs, walk through the kitchen to get to the cozy and romantic dining room. Excellent!


**Restaurant La Buritaz is up on the plateau, out in the midst of farms and nice hiking areas. While lacking a view, it has a big play area for adults and kids (fire pits, play structures, petanque) and rather good home cooking with Italian influences.


In town:

**Là-Haut, Mathieu et Milène Bruno: Very fancy, very expensive. Expect $400-500 for dinner for two, and a 3-4 hour dining experience. Staff is lovely, food is very good. Going once is worthwhile.

***Restaurant Au Bon Vin: We love this place. Super homey, very local, meat focused. Make a reservation, it’s very small.

There’s a charming funicular from Vevey to Chardonne, with the top stop right next to L’Aigle Gourmand. From there you can reach *Mont Pèlerin – though it’s not close, would require a bus ride or a car. The views are good, but not dramatically better than Chardonne itself.

  • **L’Aigle Gourmand: Really nice view, at the top of the funicular. Food is fine. Nice sunny afternoon destination.
  • **Le Mirador Resort & Spa: an odd place with a great view. It has a bit of The Shining about it – understaffed, fairly empty, a bit creepy. We stayed a night, rooms are quite large. They offer appealing spa packages that give you access to the pool and restaurants for the day.


***Hôtellerie de Châtonneyre: Fancy/upscale place with good seasonal food. Big portions and pretty rich food. Hotel looks nice too, very modern.

***Villa “Le Lac” Le Corbusier is the house Corbusier designed for his parents. It’s tiny – literally, this is considered the first “tiny house,” and the first green roof – and very important, despite being poorly built. Wade through the tourists (it’s popular with architecture geeks!) and talk to the docents – there’s a lot going on here. I found it very special.

***Chaplin Museum: Very good, high concept museum. Walking distance from our old house in Chardonne. Needs about 2 hours to tour. 24 CHF, open 9-6 every day. Read about it in the New York Times.

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