About 90 minutes by car from Turin, very close to the Milan airport. It is known for its Art Nouveau villas and UNESCO World Heritage-listed Sacro Monte, a holy mountaintop sanctuary. It’s a fairly minor experience, I wouldn’t go out of your way, but pleasant as a low key place to relax.

**Villa Panza: This beautiful 18th-century villa is home a rotating collection of exhibits focused on modern (mostly American) art. Skip if you don’t like the artist at the moment. The facility is lovely and the grounds are beautiful, with views stretching all the way to Milan. The onsite restaurant is fine, perfectly good but not good enough to justify the trip. 

**Sacre Monte is quiet and rather grand, with a medieval village wrapped around many well preserved churches. Definitely nicer than the Sacre Monte in Orta. Pleasant for a low-key afternoon.

**Hotel Colonne was pleasant, old fashioned and a bit country, but very friendly and clean, excellent location, with parking. 

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