It’s unlikely this area is a destination on your list, but for military history fans it’s worth a stop. There’s a major Swiss military museum (which we haven’t done yet), and a very engaging tour of a nearby WWII-era bunker at ***Fort Reuenthal. It’s literally a bunker (underground), and quite expansive, tunneling throughout the area to various lookout posts over the Rhine and into Germany. Staffed by retirees who are clearly enjoying themselves, this is a great place to get your hands on heavy artillery and see a truly massive collection of arms. Check the hours, it’s open infrequently (for most of the year, Saturday afternoons only).

**Gasthaus Restaurant Engel in nearby Koblenz is a good classic Swiss dining option (the only restaurant on the Swiss side we found in the area).


**Kaiserstuhl is a quick stop. It’s a pretty old town, with a bridge across the river to Germany and a small, private castle. There’s one fancy restaurant (closed when we visited) and not much else.

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