We’ve only dipped into Fribourg. It has a rich history (half French/half German), excellent vistas, good feeling. Tends to be quiet, few people on the streets. And who doesn’t love a town that closes the streets to build a sled run?


  • **Musée d’art et d’histoire: focused on religious art (the bulk of the collection) and works about/from Fribourg in Switzerland. Manageable size, some very nice pieces (and some very creepy reliquaries). Closed Mondays, only in French and German.
  • [haven’t been] Espace Jean Tinguely – Niki de Saint Phalle (for kids)
  • [haven’t been] Natural History Museum: free, open 2-6, stuffed animals. (Outside of the city center)
  • **Musee Gutenberg: variable hours, closed Mon-Tues: a journey through the development of printing from the scribes in monasteries in medieval Europe to the most modern digital processes. Very little printed material but an impressive collection of machines. Only in French or German, no printed or audio materials in English.
  • [haven’t been] Bible and Orient Museum: Tues-Fri 3-5 only. Looks interesting.
  • [haven’t been] Swiss Puppet Museum: 11-5, closed Monday and Tuesday.
  • **Fribourg Cathedral: Started in 1283 & expanded until 1490, this cathedral has a famous bell tower & stained glass. The stained-glass windows, designed by the Polish painter Jozef Mehoffer and made by local craftsmen Kirsch & Fleckner between 1896 and 1936, constitute one of the most important collection of religious Art Nouveau stained-glass windows. Very impressive.
  • [haven’t been] La Abbaye de la Maigrauge: established in 1225
  • **Abbaye Hauterive: very old (1137), grand, produces a variety of food stuffs, you can stay there. Quick stop on the way to Fribourg. Stained glass is impressive.

The surrounding area has many historic farm buildings and good hiking/biking options. We walked about 10 km of Route 4, the ancient Via Jacobi pilgrimage route, from Heitenried to Fribourg. It’s an easy hike, mostly paved, with small towns and pretty churches along the way. Lunch was at **Restaurant Senslerhof in St. Antoni, a decent local option with schnitzel and cordon bleu.

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