Florence, like Rome, can be very unpleasant and crowded (I think “Italian Disneyland” might have been the term I used). My first trip I found it “very American,” “expensive,” and “boring.” My second trip here was spent either rushing around or in lines, and a major relief to not have to bother with the “A” level attractions. There are other museums than the Uffizi, and certainly plenty more churches than Il Duomo. I should probably go back and give it another chance.

  • **Il Duomo: certainly worth seeing, including the frightening portrait of hell on the ceiling. 
  • ***The David: really so good! Worth it, lives up to the hype. I was surprised by the size.
  • **The Uffizi: rather small collection, but a pristine and impressive one. My favorite was Michaelangelo’s circular painting of the holy trinity.

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