Fes is a bit cooler (temperature wise) than Marrakesh. A day and a half was plenty. Make sure you have cash on hand, ATMs and credit card machines are rare. Clothing is more conservative, no bare shoulders or knees, for women a long dress.

From the airport, taxis are easy to source, 150 MAD to the city. Your hotel will charge you much more to book in advance.


If you want a sit down experience with booze (or just confidence your food has been refrigerated) you’ll likely eat all your meals in hotels. 

  • ***Dar Roumana: Vincent Bonnin’s talents in the kitchen can’t be missed. The menu changes daily with whatever is freshest in the markets. You can count on a Mediterranean style with Moroccan and French influences and several choices for your entrée, main and dessert. 350 dirham ($35 US) for 3 courses, 275 dirham for 2, excluding beverages, service and taxes. (Note: despite being clearly for tourists, this was the best meal we had on the trip. Worth it. Setting is nice, if a little isolated. I’d stay somewhere else and leave this for dinner.)
  • La Maison Bleue: didn’t go inside, but recommended for a more “Moroccan style experience.” Easy access via car, on the edge of the old town.

Things To Do:

With minor exceptions noted below, it’s not really necessary to “do” anything in Fes – just wander and experience the Medina. See map or any guidebook for the main sites. We did enjoy Borj Nord and Dar Batha looked appealing (but was closed).

  • [closed till 2020 or 2021 for renovationsDar Batha: Located in the Medina, Dar Batha is a former palace that was turned into a museum in 1915, with an amazing collection of traditional artifacts. It has a fantastic Andalusian-style garden at its entrance, with varying types of plants, aromas and sounds, plus mosaics and a water fountain. Inside, you’ll find fine woodcarvings, Moroccan tiles, embroidery, carpets and even a ceramic collection from the 14th century.


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