We liked this town a lot and would return. I’d consider two nights, to enjoy a good meal, do some hiking, and also take advantage of the nightly light shows (8:30 pm-ish). It’s a major hiking destination and crowded, but it’s lovely and people are generally happy to be there. We enjoyed wandering the streets.

  • **Restaurant Hervé Busset (1 Michelin star) was very good. Not on the top of my Michelin list, but worth a visit. Setting is lovely. There is a hotel, but with the town of Conques in walking distance, it’s more fun to be up near the cathedral.
  • The ***Abbey is quite remarkable. Aside from the remote and hidden location, it’s MASSIVE and has galleries upon galleries. 
  • We stayed at an AirBnB-style place, **Compostelle de Conques. It was fine. Nothing to rave about.

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