We enjoyed this quite a bit. Pleasant, relaxing, probably not exactly worth it but fun. It’s a half day activity to walk the falls, but having two days was a very lazy and relaxing experience. We arrived on a Thursday during Ramadan, and found the town almost entirely deserted. Friday picked up a bit around noon: buses arriving from Marrakesh with tourists.> Note: this is very touristy, and accepting of whatever you wear. Lots of tank tops and shorts for men and women alike.

It takes about 2.5 hours to hike the entire length of the river (round trip). There are many rustic restaurants by the falls, and then several more at various points along the trail. We had the entire place to ourselves until around 11:30 in the morning. Except for the monkeys and friendly cats.

Getting there: take a taxi (have the hotel arrange it). $80 each way, 2.5 hour drive. It’s semi-scenic, but I wouldn’t do this for the drive alone.

Hotel: Riad d’Ouzoud (Ouzoud) – Two nights. We liked a lot (and were the only guests). Of the available options it looks like the best choice. Food was very good. There are a variety of (very dirty) camping spots in town and along the river. A large new luxury type hotel is under construction and looks to have a great view. ($70 night including breakfast).

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