Capri is wonderful. I didn’t love it on my first visit – do yourself a favor and stay awhile. It doesn’t show its true colors on a day trip. It’s quite easy to get to, from Sorrento or Naples:

  • From Naples: Alibus transfer to Porta di Massa/Molo Belvedere  (about 100 meters from arrivals terminal (terminal 1), exit side of the airport). 5 euros per person, purchase onboard. Get off at Molo. Runs every 20-30 minutes, about 40 minute ride.
  • From Sorrento: Ferries run every 20-45 minutes from Sorrento to Capri, from roughly 7 am to 7 pm. Return schedule is similar. There’s a parking lot near the ferry.
  • Ferries also run hourly from Positano, but parking is more challenging.

Where to stay:

  • ***Hotel La Vega: We loved this. It’s in the perfect location, extremely private yet right next to the action. Very quiet with an incredible pool and excellent food. Still Italian family style (think a bit too much tile and bad lighting, but in a good way). 300-400 Euros/night.
  • Somewhere close to Hotel La Vega. The location can’t be beat.
  • ***Hotel ‘A Pazziella (also really liked this place, but a second behind La Vega): Via Fuorlovado, 36 – Capri – 80073 (NA) ITALY Our hotel is located just 2 minutes far from the center, the famous “Piazzetta”, has a private relaxing garden and adjoining pool. No lift and no restaurant.

Where to go:

  • A beach club (see restaurants)
  • Punta Carena Lighthouse. Great location, and excuse to explore Anacapri.
  • ***Villa Jovis, for the site and the walk. 
  • ***Villa Lysis: extremely odd experience but well worth it for the garden and a chance to get some exercise.
  • ***Certosa di San Giacomo/Giardini di Augusto: wonderful. Lovely spot, completely unexpected.

Where to Eat:

  • As a day trip to Anacapri, this is a great option. Takes about 3-4 hours total, including the meal: Situated at the feet of Punta Carena Lighthouse (Faro di Punta Carena) on the west side of the Island, ***Lido del Faro Restaurant specialises in seafood dishes by revisiting classic Italian fare. These include Faro’s parmigiana di mare, where baked scabbard fish is added to the traditional recipe (smoked provola, tomato sauce and fried aubergines), and stuffed ravioli with clams and pumpkin. The restaurant is essentially a terrace above the sea, overlooking a stunning cove lit by one of Italy’s biggest lighthouses, making it a perfect place to enjoy a sunset. (This was an excellent lunch time meal. It’s less “romantic” than perfectly Capri, complete with a lively local swimming scene. Bring your suit.)
  • Villa Margherita Restaurant: Right near our hotel, beautiful outdoor eating area. We didn’t try but have heard good things.
  • **La Fontalina: the “best” beach club. Reserve a table and place to sunbathe in advance. It’s very nice, very expensive, fun walk to an isolated area. Galen preferred this to the lighthouse (it’s fancier), Alicia did not (kind of pretentious, charging too much, food not as good). Do it regardless. 
  • ***Ristorante al Capri, Via Roma, 38, 80076 Capri NA: right next to the bus station. Really good with a spectacular view. The risotto in particular was the best I’ve ever had.
  • **Mamma, Via Madre Serafina, 6, 80073 Capri NA. Michelin star, lovely service, great wine list. Location is fun – amazing view, but accessed through a narrow alley, feels like a fun “discovery”. Food surprisingly wasn’t great. Not bad, but we had better meals elsewhere.
  • **Bar Tiberio: this is the “local’s spot” amongst the many bars in the main square.
  • The **Grand Hotel Quisisana terrace is the place to be seen for your cocktail hour – It’s like the Ritz in Paris. Maybe do once, or just skip. There are many better options.

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