Berlin is a huge city with many centers. It’s relatively flat and would be good to explore on bike – or leverage the extensive public transportation system. My experience is largely limited to work trips.

  • **Tra Di Noi is a high-end, rather good Italian restaurant. The dishes were well executed, friendly service.
  • **Upper Burger Grill is a rather hip place specializing in (you guessed it) burgers. The meats are very high quality, lots of fries, and sauce options. 
  • The ‘Museum Island’ is just insane from a wealth of riches perspective. It could fill days – wear comfortable shoes and pace yourself. I made it to the ***Neues Museum, famous for the bust of Nefertiti, and a really remarkable space architecturally, and the ***Pergamon Museum, which is still under construction (till 2025) but has the Ishtar Gate and Market Gate of Miletus open.
  • *B&B Hotel Berlin-Charlottenburg was particularly basic, wouldn’t stay there again. Neighborhood was okay, but lacking in dining options.

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