Basel is a cheerful and museum-packed city. The old town is elegant and grand, with excellent architecture. It makes for an excellent weekend break, especially in the summer. Generally expensive (even in Swiss terms). Stay on the North side of the river – the South side is in the shade most of the day.


  • Basel is well known for ‘the float’ – it’s a delightful way to spend a hot summer day. The water is clean, the river moves swiftly, and the entrance/exit areas are well marked.
  • **Museum Tinguely is elegantly designed, a playful spot with a large collection of Tinguely works. They feature rotating special exhibitions, generally of the pop culture variety. 
  • **Museum of Natural History Basel: well funded, a nice mix of educational modern exhibits with the traditional “stuffed animal” collections. Not the best in Switzerland, but decent.
  • **Fondation Beyeler: quite elegant. Very worthwhile if you’re in the area, or a detour if you really love the current exhibition. 25 CHF/person.

Food and Lodging

  • ***Hotel Krafft Basel is an excellent hotel choice. Great location, spacious rooms, comfortable beds. Fairly noisy – wouldn’t be the best choice for light sleepers. Restaurant is good, spendy.
  • **Volkshaus Basel has a beautiful patio dining area, under a canopy of trees. Food is high end – really good frites.
  • **Ramazzotti: good enough Italian, near the main historic center. It’s not stand out, but nothing really to complain about.

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