Barcelona was different than I expected. I was underwhelmed by the sights, but loved the city itself – getting to the destination was often the best part. 


  • **Cathedral of Barcelona: very impressive, as something that took over 600 years to build should be. The structure itself is grand and beautiful, and it’s heavily decorated in a wide variety of styles. Definitely worthwhile.
  • **Illa de la Discòrdia: more Gaudi, three apartment buildings. I wasn’t completely wowed, but it’s a pleasant walk from Las Ramblas to the site.
  • *Museo Nacional D’Art de Catalunya:  Skippable. Some decent works, but it’s too big and the overall experience is draining.
  • Palau de la Musica Catalana: I only saw the lobby and exterior, but it definitely looks worth a visit. Reserve in advance.
  • ***The Picasso Museum: fascinating collection of his early work (really early; most of it is from his childhood) and the Las Meninas series from his later years
  • ***La Sagrada Familia: I’m not a huge Gaudi fan; I liked this more because it’s a work in progress. I’ve seen dozens of churches at this point, but to see one under construction is a really moving experience. Somehow it feels like you belong to it, and it belongs to you. I find it exciting to think that I´ll be alive when it’s completed.
  • ***The tapas crawl: Spain is designed for people who like to graze. It’s hard to dislike your surroundings when you get to eat every 30 minutes. 

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