Baden-Baden is a spa town on the edges of the Black Forest. In 2021, the town became part of the transnational UNESCO World Heritage Site under the name “Great Spa Towns of Europe“, because of its famous spas and architecture that exemplifies the popularity of spa towns in Europe in the 18th through 20th centuries.

The town – super fancy, and has been since Roman times. It seems to be one of the wealthiest vacation spots in Germany. It reminded Galen of Gstaad, if Gstaad was a small city. Great architecture, great food, beautiful walking, lovely people and parks. Castles galore, many museums, and a cute village center with a river running through it.

The hotel: **Maison Messmer Baden-Baden. Perfectly located. Galen ate at their restaurant and had a fish appetizer and a fish main – both excellent. Impeccable service, great wine selection, a food destination. It’s a very high end hotel with services to match. The rooms have exquisite bedding. Great breakfast!