I arrived in Arezzo around 1:00 on Friday, planning to spend the afternoon before heading to Venice (and break up the long trip). I walked through the town, made it to the park at the top, and found myself wondering why I was rushing. Arezzo is stunning – ancient but clean, perched on a hill surrounded by rolling green hills and portions of an old roman aqueduct. The hostel I stayed in was in the middle of a huge, landscaped country estate. I was the only one there for the night (the place probably sleeps 200). The sunset over the town was a rich, deep purple. 

Arezzo is known for its jewelry, of which there was little to see, and Pierro della Francesca’s frescos in the ***Chiesa San Francesca, and yes, you should go to see them. The colors and the subject are vibrant. I visited several churches and the local museum, but what I enjoyed the most was wandering around the town and observing the buildings and the locals. Despite its age, Arezzo still feels like a real, living place. If you’re in the area and have a car, I’d recommend using the town as a base to other cities in the area (Assisi is quite close). 

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