Alba is one of the central towns of the Piedmont and part of the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Vineyard Landscape of Piedmont: Langhe-Roero and Monferrato. The town is famous for its white truffle and wine production (Barolos, Nebbiolos, and more). We also took a lovely drive amongst the hills to Barbaresco and Neive – for a future visit I’d stay in the countryside or somewhere like Neive, as you really need to get up on the hilltops to appreciate the landscape. Priocca is worth a stop for wine and a truly excellent dining experience.


Fall is a popular time to visit Alba and its nearly 100-year old Truffle Festival, which runs from Oct-December annually. The Festival itself is a good opportunity to stock up on expensive truffle products and taste a lot of wine from the region, and it brings larger crowds to the town (which is not a bad thing, it brings a lot of energy to a normally sleepy place). Per the notes above I wouldn’t stay in Alba next time (hard to appreciate the landscape from inside the town), but it’s a good dining destination.

  • **Cattedrale di San Lorenzo is impressive, and it’s worth a 15 minute stop to tour the museum underneath, which showcases the roman remains found during excavations.
  • **Circolo del Vecchio Gusto was great: regional fare prepared with quality ingredients and finesse. Good service, everything was cooked well.
  • **Mani Pizza & Cucina: really quite delicious. Trying to be hip, and succeeding. Family friendly and very good service. 
  • *Osteria dell’Arco: a frequently mentioned recommendation that was honestly pretty average. It’s not bad, but our party of five found our dishes universally “okay.” I’d look into other options next time. 


A small town with a famous name, Barabresco is essentially one street with a few restaurants, some wine tasting, and a tour. It’s pretty, and a pleasant short stop. Cantina Bofa looked appealing for a drink with a view (they have some rooms available too; on the modern side).


A pretty hilltop town with great views of the surrounding area. It’s steep and packed with grand buildings, with a maze of streets to explore. L’Aromatario looked like a popular lunch spot, and has rooms:


  • In Priocca, we spent several delightful hours at the **Mondodelvino Wine Experience. While the interactive media stuff was just okay, the factory is deeply impressive and the wine very good. It’s wine for the masses, produced with intentionality and a lot of finesse on Industrial scale, and much better than a lot of the other wines we tried.
  • ***Il Centro di Priocca is a very special dining experience. The food – focused on the classics of the region – (and wine) are exquisite, the service elegant, the setting refined but not too stuffy. We loved it.

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